Hello and welcome!. Im so happy you have stumbled across my page.

I am an Authorised Celebrant in Australia and i have a deep passion for creating and performing bespoke ceremonies for your perfect day. I mainly perform Marriage ceremonies but also design ceremonies for most events needing a celebrant.

Ceremonies that i conduct are:

- Marriage Ceremonies 
- Vow Renewals
- Baby Naming's
- Anniverseries 

When it comes to Wedding Ceremonies, i perform them for all types of couples. Love is one of the most amazing things we can share with another human and im so happy and grateful that we live in a world where everyone gets to stand up infont of their friends and family and make the commitment of marriage to their loved one.

I have always been an advoacte for the instituation of marriage and the commitment two people make to each other. Being able to solemnise the marriage between a couple who want to spend the rest of their life together is something that makes my heart sing.