This is my favourite part of the The Process - meeting the couple!

I love getting a better understanding of their personalities, humour, personal tastes, the tone in which they would like the ceremony presented, and of course getting a start on the legal paperwork that needs to be lodged with Births, Deaths and Marriages. 

The most important document that needs to be filled out is the Notice Of Intended Marriage - also known as the NOIM. This has to be signed and completed at least 1 month before the ceremony. You can download a copy here:

On our first meeting it is important to bring an Original Copy of your Birth Certificate and Passport or Drivers Licence. 
An Decree Absolute (if it applies), Death Certificate (if widowed) or Statutory declaration (for people born overseas with no birth certifcate or foreign langurage documents that need an approved translator to translate into English)




This is usually conducted 1 week before the Wedding date so we can go through all the ceremony elements so everyone feels confident on the big day.

There is nothing worse than worrying about the running order on the day of the wedding, so when everyone involved knows what they're doing, they can just focus on enjoying the experinece of the ceremony - especially the couple!

This is also a great time to practice the vows, go through the exchange of rings, work out the opening procession, have the readers practice thier poems/readings, talk about contingency plans in case there is a rain forecast and ultimately get a feel for what your big day will feel like.

​​​​​​​​THE BIG DAY!

The NOIM has been signed, the rehearsal was a success, the arrival drinks for the guests are flowing and the dress fits perfectly! 

By the time you get to the big day, all the technical and legal elements have been sorted and you can both relax and immerse yourself in the ceremony and really enjoy the experience of joining your life with your loved one.

Having a couple feel confident and at ease on the day of the Wedding is something that i strive to achieve